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My cosplay wing tutorial is now complete!  I tried to cover as much of my process as possible for making feathered wings. I hope you find this helpful :)

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Guys my cousin Brooklyn is missing. He was last seen from the LL Bean store at Old Orchard mall in Skokie Ill. At 1:45 pm. If you’re in the area and know anything or see him please please call the police right away. Message me with any information you know. Please signal boost this so bloggers in the area can keep an eye out for him. Thank you



watch this please

what a time to be alive


duwang !! i love duwang

Jotaros-hat ——> Jotaros-bat-hat

New hat and blog theme!




Heterixalus luteostriatus | ©Olaf Pronk   (Madagascar)

Heterixalus luteostriatus is a small frog, up to 30 mm in total length, belonging to the family Hyperoliidae.

It body is greenish, with distinct yellowish dorsolateral bands which extend onto the tibia. The dorsolateral stripes are more distinct in females. The gular gland is slightly heart-shaped.

Heterixalus luteostriatus is endemic to Madagascar.[1].


an inspiration to us all



does Ghirahim ever do that tongue trick of his and get hair stuck on his tongue or what

imagine him trying to spit it out tho

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OkCupid is wild

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As promised, I drew this prompt

Yo for real, FUCK SCHOOL ! I mean imma still go, imma still go tho.

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